Aeroflow Breather Tap BSP 3/4" - 4506

Air returning lever tap designed for single-opening containers, metal or plastic, from 5L up to 200L. This will give you an effortless, glug free dispense, with no hazard, no waste and no need for secondary venting.
  • Controllable flow rate - Excellent flow rate of 70ml/sec* when fully open, with the possibility to control the dispense by turning the lever accordingly. *Flow rate given is based on water. In use, the actual flow rate will depend on viscosity and head height.
  • Safe and smooth dispense - Removed the need for lifting heavy containers and so makes contribution to safety in the work place
  • BSP = British Standard Pipe (UK, fine parallel thread)
MaterialPlastic - Polypropylene/Polyethylene (PP/PE)
ThreadingBSP 3/4"