XIN Beckson 9A Siphon Pump - 8040

  • Suitable for use with petrol, diesel & kerosene
  • Syphon or lift action.
  • Supplied with clear tubing solvent
  • Welded to intake (6’) & outlet (3’)
  • Siphons downhill if liquid level in source is higher than receptacle. Transfers kerosene, diesel fuel & water. Acts as a positive displacement hand lift pump.
  • Non-metallic, will not spark or mar finishes
  • Non Corrosive-Non Rusting
  • Siphon action stops when handle is depressed and hose removed from source
  • WARNING! - Not suitable for hot oil.
  • WARNING! - Plan carefully for liquid to drain from hose after dispensing.
  • WARNING! - Remove pump from container when not in use to prevent unintentional siphon action or unauthorized use.
MaterialPlastic - Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Output110ml Per Stroke
SiphonApprox. 4L Per Minute
Dimensions (Ext)229mm (L) x 32mm (Dia)
PDFPlastics Properties - Polyvinyl Chloride